Our Mission & Priorities

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

E. E. Cummings


The Waggoner Foundation is a 501©(3) nonprofit charitable organization that provides opportunities to at risk, low socioeconomic, and minority youth with experiences using education, athletics, leadership development, career exposures, retreats, outdoor, experiential education, so they can achieve all they wish to be and accomplish in life.

The Waggoner Foundation Four Priorities

Financial Scholarships

The Waggoner Foundation’s goal is to financial scholarships to assist students in elementary, middle school, high school, junior college, and university levels, to secure various forms of needed assistance including lunch fees, before and after school care, book fees, athletic fees, field trip costs, specific technological needs, and other forms of educational costs. Many needs exists for students and our main goal is help to provide for those needs.

Scholarship Donations

In our first year The Waggoner Foundation hopes to raise at least $150,000 in donations toward these scholarships. While some of our corporate sponsorships will certainly provide some funding that will assist in reaching TWF’s goal, individual and specifically earmarked corporate donations for scholarships and for other reasons outside the sponsorship realm will be necessary and important to the foundation to thrive and make an impact.

Corporate Sponsorships

The goal of The Waggoner Foundation is to secure and to maintain sponsorships from corporations in order to accomplish the Foundation’s mission and endeavors. TWF will involve corporate sponsors in the efforts of the foundation. The foundation will educate our corporate sponsors on the importance of at risk youth having the necessary tools needed to be successful and pursues careers in law enforcement, fire departments, STEM programs, special education, community leadership, and public service. Corporate sponsorships will also be used to facilitate educational efforts as well as supporting Spencer Waggoner to engage in speaking events across the country in various communities, schools, and organizations that would not otherwise have the opportunity to have the impact of such a great resource and advocate.
As a corporate sponsor of The Waggoner Foundation, all donations are tax deductible, and other benefits included visibility on both The Waggoner Foundation and The Last Mile Youth Outreach website, recognition and acknowledgement at all of Spencer’s speaking engagements and events, interviews, as well as opportunities to participate at various community and organizational events.


The Waggoner Foundation strives to play a significant role in assisting to educate the public about our underserved and overlooked children. These children hope to excel and have their dreams fulfilled, and through community education and involvement, we can help elevate these students and provide the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Spencer Waggoner has been in their shoes, lived in these communities, and has excelled to greatness. His passion is to provide these same opportunities in the communities he grew up in. Over the past 23 years, Spencer Waggoner has educated at risk, special needs, and student athletes from elementary, middle school, high school, college. He is an author, husband, father, and parental life coach. He and Carmen want to help these students find their way in life. The Waggoner Foundation uses teamwork, trust, inclusion, and a variety of other topics that relate to our bottom line as a foundation.