Meet The Team

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

Ella Fitzgerald

The Team – Spencer Waggoner

Spencer Waggoner

Founder & CEO

Spencer Waggoner has spent over twenty years in education and has excelled in his various roles as a professor, educator, community leader, advocate, consultant, motivational speaker, head football coach, husband and father. He has spoken, facilitated, taught and consulted with many businesses, schools, universities and state run environments. Spencer has assisted individuals, families, and companies to reach their expectations while creating high performing teams through his leadership, and team building programs.

Having taught at low- socioeconomic areas, both in special education and general education, Spencer is uniquely qualified to understand what motivates students, how to develop relationships and how to reach the unwanted teens. Spencer has need the needs within his community and has a passion to develop young people into leaders and provide opportunities to the underserved. Spencer’s knowledge base, upbringing, and experiences serve as the foundation for the vision and mission of The Waggoner Foundation.

Spencer founded C.A.R.R (Choices, Attitude, Respect, Responsibility) which is designed to improve behavior, attitude, learning, and give kids a sense of purpose as well as a positive outlook and vision of education. This program is designed to help kids, parents, schools, and companies look at what they can do to improve their lives daily in a simplistic approach. Spencer has proven skills for effectively creating powerful strategies on perseverance and determination. He provides inspiration and information, giving participants tools that are immediately applicable. Spencer is committed to helping kids no matter the struggle or issue. His entire career has been preparing him for this moment in time.

The Team – Carmen Waggoner

Carmen Waggoner


Carmen Waggoner has over 20 years of experience as a leader, executive, fundraiser, and advocate with expertise in sales, marketing, development and non profit. Her passion lies in making a difference in her community and providing opportunities not always given. It starts with one!

As a mother and wife, she wants to build a legacy for her family and strengthen her community for future generations.

George Biederman

George Biederman

Executive Director

George Biederman came to the valley in 2004 after working in a corporate setting. He started a successful Real Estate Firm and became a licensed attorney.

After years of criminal defense work, George wanted to address some of the underlying issues that often resulted in future clients.

He then joined the Waggoner Foundation. It starts with one!